DId somebody say CONTEST???

  I won!!! I won!!! Microsoft has this initiative called “#WorkWonders”   and the contest was to tweet about something I was doing that day for education using a Microsoft OFfice product.   Welp, I really happened to be polishing the narration for my “how to find the perimeter of those L shaped ‘complex shapes’ when a side is missing” powerpoint, including using hte new callout features and animating a few things here and there. And while I tell myself that probably I won because all the other teachers are busy finishing up their school year… I actually rather like it.  

     This summer I’m going to divide my time between:   a.  Helping summer students and helping with orientation, b:   making more powerpoint supports for the Transitions course so that people can go back and review, and c:  *hopefully* making my “subtracting negative numbers” app work, and d:   making java lessons like that and e:  planning out an entire Transitions level “course” with more applications to life (like mentally making change) and f:  playing around with the … oops, I think I’m going to run out of summer or the alphabet so I’ll stop right here, but I want to make tools and pathways for everyday people to yes, actually, ***understand** math.   I am “sick up and fed” of hearing people talk about math as if it were a war they survived… with PTSD.   


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