Okay, let’s wake this up :)

Hello again, world!   I’m a little blog.   I don’t have a catchy name — mecacad.wordpress.com — it’s from Mary Ellen Carter Academy.

Seems a good place to stick the stuff I want to be able to find and share for my attempts at an adult ed math lesson.

http://www.learninglover.com/examples.php?id=84   has a primitve script for practicing the slope formula.   Alas, pretty much everything else on the site is ‘way over my guys’ heads and the ‘arithmetic’ has how to code arithmetic, not how to learn it ( both are nifty, of course) .

https://www.vrae.org/images/customer-files/CCRStandardsAdultEd.pdf  has the ‘college and career ready standards’. Yup!  Percents don’t show up ’til late.   Fascinating.




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