When I paint my masterpiece :)

So!   I found that you can call something a practice quiz and it won’t be graded or added to the syllabus.   (I’m not sure how I feel about the syllabus getting most things added to it automatically.  I know some peeps want the syllabus to just be stuff so you could use it w/ different sections and adapt.  We’ll see!)  Then there’s the “survey” which you get points for doing, regardless of your answers.

Per https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2889  :

  • A graded quiz is the most common quiz, and Canvas automatically creates a column in the Gradebook for any graded quizzes you build.
  • A practice quiz is ungraded and can be used as a learning tool to help students see how well they understand the course material. Practice quizzes do not appear in the syllabus or Gradebook.
  • A graded survey allows you to give students points for completing the survey; however, it is not graded based on right or wrong answers.
  • An ungraded survey allows you to obtain opinions or other information from students; however, students do not receive a grade for their responses. Ungraded surveys do not appear in the syllabus or Gradebook.

So in my ‘learning about this’ thing the next thing is to make a lesson around a ‘quiz’ like the guy does in the video about it.


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