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I tutor people in assorted subjects at Parkland College. I'm trying to make Math less of a barrier between people and their academic and personal goals. http://resourceroomblog.wordpress.com is my blog.https://projects.rebus.community/project/3SRM9h569tT5H4ke2mJ3Nq/multisensory-math-for-adult-learners-working-title is my "cognitively accessible math" project description.

Reuse and recycle

I don’t know if I’ve maxxed out the number of WordPress blogs I can have; more likely they’ve just “evolved” and there are a million more side routes as they really, really want me to pay them money. (Fair enough, after all!)

SO! Let’s see about using this to put things I would also share on Facebook for the Illinois Digital Learning Lab (and any other wanderers :)).

Tressie McMillam Cottom has an article The Hustle Economy … that is going to be an awesome read, but first I’m going to Make The Sue Jones Method video!

Sigh, it’s already 2:00 and … welp, I’ve almost figured out the fraction bars…


Words for Hymns for Mass Aug. 23

Word files:


This day God gives me    Strength of high heaven

Sun and moon shining    Flame in my hearth

Flashing of lightning        Wind in its swiftness

Deeps of the ocean,        firmness of earth             


This day God gives me                    Strength as my guardian

Might to uphold me,                       wisdom as guide

Your eyes are watchful,                 Your ears are listening

Your lips are speaking                     Friend at my side.

God’s way is my way,                      God’s shield is ‘round me,

God’s host defends me,                saving from ill

Angels of heaven                              drive from me   always

All that would harm me,                stand by me still.

Rising I thank you,                            Mighty and strong one

King of creation                                Giver of rest

Firmly confessing                             God in three persons

Oneness of Godhead                      Trinity blest.

Psalm:   We are God’s people, the flock of the Lord.

Center of my Life


Oh Lord, you are the Center of my life.

I will always praise you, I will always serve you

I will always keep you in my sight.

Keep me safe O god, I take refuge in you

I say to the Lord, “You are my God.”

My happiness lies in you alone.

My happiness lies in you alone.

I will bless the Lord who gives me counsel

Who even at night directs my heart

I keep the Lord ever in my sight

Since He is at my right hand, I shall stand firm.

And so my heart rejoices my soul is glad.

Even if safety shall my body rest

For you will not leave my soul among the dead.

Nor let your beloved know decay.  

I Am the Bread of Life

I am the bread of life
He who comes to me shall not hunger
He who believes in me shall not thirst
No one can come to me
Unless the father beckons  

And I will raise you up
And I will raise you up And I will raise you up
On the last day.

The bread that I will give
Is my flesh for the life of the world
And if you eat of this bread
You shall live forever You shall live forever. CHORUS
Unless you eat
Of the flesh of the Son of Man
And drink of his blood,
And drink of his blood,
You shall not have life within you.

I am the resurrection, I am the life
If you believe in me
Even though you die
You shall live forever.  

Yes, lord I believe
That you are the Christ
The son of God
Who have come into the world.

When I paint my masterpiece :)

So!   I found that you can call something a practice quiz and it won’t be graded or added to the syllabus.   (I’m not sure how I feel about the syllabus getting most things added to it automatically.  I know some peeps want the syllabus to just be stuff so you could use it w/ different sections and adapt.  We’ll see!)  Then there’s the “survey” which you get points for doing, regardless of your answers.

Per https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2889  :

  • A graded quiz is the most common quiz, and Canvas automatically creates a column in the Gradebook for any graded quizzes you build.
  • A practice quiz is ungraded and can be used as a learning tool to help students see how well they understand the course material. Practice quizzes do not appear in the syllabus or Gradebook.
  • A graded survey allows you to give students points for completing the survey; however, it is not graded based on right or wrong answers.
  • An ungraded survey allows you to obtain opinions or other information from students; however, students do not receive a grade for their responses. Ungraded surveys do not appear in the syllabus or Gradebook.

So in my ‘learning about this’ thing the next thing is to make a lesson around a ‘quiz’ like the guy does in the video about it.

Okay, let’s wake this up :)

Hello again, world!   I’m a little blog.   I don’t have a catchy name — mecacad.wordpress.com — it’s from Mary Ellen Carter Academy.

Seems a good place to stick the stuff I want to be able to find and share for my attempts at an adult ed math lesson.

http://www.learninglover.com/examples.php?id=84   has a primitve script for practicing the slope formula.   Alas, pretty much everything else on the site is ‘way over my guys’ heads and the ‘arithmetic’ has how to code arithmetic, not how to learn it ( both are nifty, of course) .

https://www.vrae.org/images/customer-files/CCRStandardsAdultEd.pdf  has the ‘college and career ready standards’. Yup!  Percents don’t show up ’til late.   Fascinating.



DId somebody say CONTEST???

  I won!!! I won!!! Microsoft has this initiative called “#WorkWonders”   and the contest was to tweet about something I was doing that day for education using a Microsoft OFfice product.   Welp, I really happened to be polishing the narration for my “how to find the perimeter of those L shaped ‘complex shapes’ when a side is missing” powerpoint, including using hte new callout features and animating a few things here and there. And while I tell myself that probably I won because all the other teachers are busy finishing up their school year… I actually rather like it.  

     This summer I’m going to divide my time between:   a.  Helping summer students and helping with orientation, b:   making more powerpoint supports for the Transitions course so that people can go back and review, and c:  *hopefully* making my “subtracting negative numbers” app work, and d:   making java lessons like that and e:  planning out an entire Transitions level “course” with more applications to life (like mentally making change) and f:  playing around with the … oops, I think I’m going to run out of summer or the alphabet so I’ll stop right here, but I want to make tools and pathways for everyday people to yes, actually, ***understand** math.   I am “sick up and fed” of hearing people talk about math as if it were a war they survived… with PTSD.   

Spring Semester Is Beginning!

Hello out there… I’m Sue Jones, and I’m adding things to this website “all the time” (when I have time :)).   I am at Parkland College in the Center for Academic Success, D120.  I’ll post my exact schedule soon — but in the meantime, WELCOME 🙂 🙂 

The “Mary Ellen Carter Academy” is called that because I needed a name for it, and “The Mary Ellen Carter” is one of my favorite songs about a ship that sank, but its crew would not let it stay down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT-aEcPgkuA  includes the story of a man who kept from freezing to death by singing the chorus over and over until the Coast Guard rescued him…